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Vincent Virgaux and Anne-Claire Ferreira have written a brochure to remind us all of the need for the use of traditional mortars and plaster - pure lime for the renovation of old buildings. Lime lets the stone breathe, unlike some of the plasters sold too often in the trade whose chemical composition traps moisture, which is a great source of problems.

These coatings can also be applied on new or recent constructions, their patina will be quickly recognizable, unlike chemical coatings or with a small percentage of lime, which do not slip but remain uniform and dirty. Facade detail: the plaster comes to die on the framing stones.

It is useful to compare the coating of "5" (chemical) with that of the Maison de la Truffe et du Vin - 100% traditional lime, which was renovated several years ago. The difference is marked, and the first will never age like the second.
The classification of the village as a Remarkable Heritage Site will require the use of 100% natural lime plaster.

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