Protégeons MÉNERBES


The village council meeting of 5 July 2018 approved a draft agreement with Crédit Agricole Real Estate to begin research into a project to construct a residential building including ground floor shops on lots 370 and 132.

A change-of-use process for the parking spaces opposite the Post Office has begun, preliminary to a planning application.
The arrangement of the area parallel to the avenue Marcellin Poncet is being considered, where the eliminated parking spaces would be recreated and integrated into a broader reorganisation of this entry point into the village.

A building permit could be granted in 2021. Without sight of the details of the project, the Association cannot take a position, and a meeting has been requested on this point, to take place in the months to come (see Article 9).

An inventory of vacant shop space and the occupation rate of the medical centre has been requested for the meeting, given that the target of providing living space in the medical centre in order to populate the local school does not seem to have been reached.

It appears that the Mayor has embarked upon this project in the context of the Scheme of Territorial Cohesion (SCOT) voted in 2019, foreseeing the creation of several thousand jobs over 15 years across the community of villages (split between Apt and Gargas). Each village is supposed to contribute to the creation of housing, about 80 of which in Ménerbes, although there is no penalty for any shortfall.

Perhaps the coming economic problems will limit these targets?

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