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This project combines all the village’s medical services: pharmacy; medical practices (general practitioner, physiotherapist, osteopath, dentist, nurses) and 14 new apartments (of which 10 have been retained in the estate of the village). The new Medical Centre was part of the electoral programme of our current Mayor, Mr Christian Ruffinatto in a less sensitive location than that planned in 2013, and was constructed between the school and the multipurpose hall (‘Salle Polyvalente’).

As a matter of principle, the Association wanted to be involved with this project and make sure that our voice was heard. Indeed, the proposed design was so urban (Photo 2) and in such flagrant contravention of the rules of the PLU, that the association made an informal appeal in 2016 against the Building Permit.
This appeal did not proceed to formal litigation following negotiations with the municipal Council, which agreed to essential modifications, as we can happily see today (Photo 1):

     The progressive reduction in the height of each story
     The stone cladding of the supporting walls
     The creation of an attic story on the right hand side of the top story with small windows typical of Provençal architecture.
     The lowering of certain windows on the right hand side of the building.

Without the intervention of the Association, the building would have been a uniform extension of the left side, in a flatter, more urban style. More recently, the Association has drawn the Mayor’s attention to the non-conformity of the floral wall to the right of the pharmacy. As the right hand side does not have any flower boxes, this objective would appear challenging. Beyond that, the air conditioning equipment on the roof are particularly unsightly for the houses that overlook it. A request has been made that these two points be addressed.

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